Branding & Identity

Hertz Brand Directions

I developed a visual language, tone of voice and guidelines to match for Hertz that was based on the principle that Hertz was “Big, Bold and Yellow”.

Guidelines were also created for loyalty programs and Hertz Equipment Rental that had their own distinct look and feel but were still consistent with the main brand.

Wendy's Breakfast Refresh

I developed a fresh new look for Wendy’s breakfast menu around the concept that "A Better Day Starts with a Better Breakfast. Three directions were explored, each approaching the core concept from a different direction. 

Hand crafted food

The craft of hand-prepared food is dramatised with type that is hand-tooled that feels fresh and new. Selective focus shots pull taste forward and romance the ingredients.


Condensation trickling down fresh-cut fruit. Steam slowly rising from a piping hot biscuit sandwich. This imagery captures the essence of a new morning and the nostalgic type is reminiscent of a simplier, wholesome time.

Garden fresh

Fresh food captured in its organic environment, framed in a pallet of rich greens and browns. Nothing added and nothing taken away – ingredients in their purest form.

Walmart Pharmacy

To relauch Walmart's Pharmacy brand I developed a look and feel that was reassuring, informative and true to brand. 

Engineers Skills Shortage Campaign

In this project I created a campaign to entice engineer graduates to work for the Road and Traffic Authorities across Australia. The campaign appealed to the graduates by asking them to use their skills to do good for society.

Ads, posters and a microsite featured real graduates embracing their geekiness and solving everyday engineering problems like superheroes. I created a toolkit with guidelines and templates that was supplied to Road and Traffic Authorities across Australia. A microsite extended the campaign.

RTA Brand Refresh

I developed a look and feel for the NSW Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA) that expanded upon their existing branding.

The brand refresh focused on giving the RTA a more contemporary look and feel updating typography, color and photography as well as creating a graphic system that was consistent, usable and flexible.

Pearson Benefits

Pearsons (USA) wanted their employees to be more aware of the various health, money and WorkLife benefits that they could take advantage of. I created guidelines and a visual language that was fresh, approachable and, most of all, informative to their members. 

adidas baseball

I worked on both the digital and retail adidas Baseball 2009 campaign. I created a retail toolkit with guidelines and templates as well as designed the website and Facebook page.

Sony Pictures Fifa Guidelines