Pearson Benefits

Pearsons (USA) wanted their employees to be more aware of the various health, money and WorkLife benefits that they could take advantage of. I created guidelines and a visual language that was fresh, approachable and, most of all, informative to their members. 

Dell World Live Online

I provided art direction and design support to the development team for the Dell World Live Online Site 

Matthew Harding

I designed and developed a responsive website for one of Australia’s most accomplished and diverse sculptors. The site had to be sophisticated, functional and not impact on the context of the artists' work.

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Trace MacLaren

This website was designed and developed for my cross continental wedding to the fabulous Kristin.

I knew the challenge was on when I discovered that my preferred domain name, was already taken. In response I decided to create an epic responsive wedding website.

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Mimicking the sultry and promiscuous ad campaign, this project allowed the user into the apartment of last night’s hook-up. This spot led the user through the clear plastic of a loft under construction.

Once inside, users could snoop through the sexually ambiguous tenant's stuff. The site also included widgets such as a count-down clock and compatibility test which could test your compatibility with a friend on Facebook.

Budget did not allow for a photoshoot or 3d renders, so every part of the room was photographed and comped together into a seamless environment.

Calvin Klein Fragrances

Concept design for Calvin Klein Fragrances ecommerce site.

I designed and developed a new website for the Bungendore Wood Works Gallery. Content from an extensive existing website was migrated to the new design and an online store with enquiry list functionality was introduced. The design was simple, clean and sophisticated creating a platform for the featured art and craft to make an impact.

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Sony Pictures Fifa Fanfest

Big, bold and simple website for a series of events across the world to watch World Cup games live in public places sponsored by Sony Pictures and Fifa.

Nautica Colors of the Coast

Concept microsite for Nautica promotion.

Goodman Intranet

Intranet designed for the Goodman brand launch.

adidas baseball

I worked on both the digital and retail adidas Baseball 2009 campaign. I created a retail toolkit with guidelines and templates as well as designed the website and Facebook page.

Engineers Skills Shortage Campaign

In this project I created a campaign to entice engineer graduates to work for the Road and Traffic Authorities across Australia. The campaign appealed to the graduates by asking them to use their skills to do good for society.

Ads, posters and a microsite featured real graduates embracing their geekiness and solving everyday engineering problems like superheroes. I created a toolkit with guidelines and templates that was supplied to Road and Traffic Authorities across Australia. A microsite extended the campaign.

Long Pin

The best thing about Pinterest is it's versatility with users engaging with the platform to suit their needs in a number of ways. Some exclusively re-pin from other users while others upload their own original content. Then there is the group of people who create pins from content on websites, Long Pin caters to this group.

Pinterest is limited to one image per a pin and sometimes a single image from a blog post or "DIY how to" doesn't tell the full story. But a select three, four or five images would sum it all up perfectly. In these situations you can either create a pin that doesn't tell the full story or download the images, combine them manually and then upload the image to create a new pin.

Long Pin is a concept for a browser extension that combines images vertically into a row from a webpage and creates a new image that can then be pinned to a Pinerest board. The plan is to bring this concept into reality in the near future. Watch this space.