Red Bull Bc One Event

Break dancing, Hip Hop, Street art – this rich urban history drew me to come and live in NYC. So when the opportunity to pitch on the Red Bull BC One event came up I went all out. Working in collaboration with an art director, copy writer and myself leading the design and motion we created a jaw dropping pitch that left the client embarrassed not to give us the project.

This included; a double record sleeve with a 24page booklet; a USB mixtape thumbdrive with a 100 page interactive PDF; and a hype video.


Open Idents

I was asked to create a series of concepts for moving image "idents" based around being open for a major technology brand. These idents would then be used during a CES keynote presentation to punctuate talking points.

Beatles Rockband Launch

This project was about creating a launch event for journalists to experience the Beatles Rockband game at the E3 conference. Three stages were designed, each representing different stages of the Beatles career, where people could experience the game for the first time.

To extend on the experience, we designed a record sleeve press kit with a "making of" book. The record sleeve was a typographic design that listed every show and date that the Beatles played. When viewed in entirety, it looked like the Abbey Road LP.

Sally Hansen Color that Cares

Sally Hansen wanted to highlight their relationship with DKMS, the world’s largest bone marrow donor center, by hosting a record breaking mass manicure.

After leading the design for the pitch creative to win the job I followed through on the final product designing event graphics, managing production and designing the microsite.

Check out the video I created to see how this project came together and affected the lives of people living with leukemia through this manicure with a mission.


Dell World Infographics

I had lots of fun creating infographics for a series of large scale videos that expanded on the five forces effecting the IT industry today. The videos where on display throughout the event on large screens and on the keynote stage before presentations.

The very talented UK animation studio Radio Design brought the infographics to life.

  • http://player.vimeo.com/video/59077700
  • http://player.vimeo.com/video/59075092
  • http://player.vimeo.com/video/59068379
  • http://player.vimeo.com/video/59068379

Dell World

Working for Jack Morton Worldwide (New York office) I was the lead design creative for Dell World 2012. This was a diverse project that saw me; collaborating with set designers on the stage and expo design; designing and art directing moving image and digital applications; and overseeing design and production of signage.

Due to the scale and complexity of the project the Jack Morton team organised for me to travel from Australia to New York City to work onsite for three weeks before returning to Australia to continue working on the project offsite.

Watch the highlights video to get an idea of how the event came together.

Dell World is Dell’s premier event where leading technology professionals come together and share IT solutions for business needs. Over 6000 people attended Dell World 2012 at the Austin Convention Center.



The keynote speakers at Dell World 2012 where Michael Dell, Bill Clinton and the Freakonomics guys (Stephen J. Dubner and Steven D. Levitt). To introduce the keynote speakers I designed the still screen content for a series of "sizzle" videos that where 3D projection mapped across a 200 foot wide stage.

Watch the video to see the projection mapping in action. Motion design and production by AV concepts.