Long Pin

The best thing about Pinterest is it's versatility with users engaging with the platform to suit their needs in a number of ways. Some exclusively re-pin from other users while others upload their own original content. Then there is the group of people who create pins from content on websites, Long Pin caters to this group.

Pinterest is limited to one image per a pin and sometimes a single image from a blog post or "DIY how to" doesn't tell the full story. But a select three, four or five images would sum it all up perfectly. In these situations you can either create a pin that doesn't tell the full story or download the images, combine them manually and then upload the image to create a new pin.

Long Pin is a concept for a browser extension that combines images vertically into a row from a webpage and creates a new image that can then be pinned to a Pinerest board. The plan is to bring this concept into reality in the near future. Watch this space.